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"Marxism comprises many principles, but in the final analysis they can all be brought back to a single sentence: it is right to rebel against the reactionaries." - Mao Zedong

A space for resistance and insurrection. I post rants, ravings, artwork, and propaganda from a radical queer trans dyke perspective.


Watch Now! The "Transparent" trailer is here »


The very queer Amazon show will be available September 26.


also, afterellen, wtf is up with this statement? “Director Jill Soloway has been spending her summer working on Transparent, Amazon’s new series about a family whose father (Jeffrey Tambor) transitions from male to female and what happens when his kids find out” (my emphasis added)


thanks lezbrahs!

ew. just saw this on my dash.
i thought lesbian sex was women having sex with women in any way they fucking please?transmisogyny from a lesbian porn star. (not surprising.) *sigh*

ew. just saw this on my dash.

i thought lesbian sex was women having sex with women in any way they fucking please?

transmisogyny from a lesbian porn star. (not surprising.) *sigh*



Fuck you for perpetuating the use of derogatory language towards trans women.

Fuck you for saying the only difference between a drag queen and a trans woman is “$25,000 and a good surgeon”, but also contractually excluding then from being contestants on your show.

Fuck you for not considering or caring that a lot of people watch your show who will believe whatever you say about queer and trans people because they don’t actually know any outside of tv.

Fuck you for pretending you care about being a role model for queer youth, and then dehumanizing certain queer identities that you deem it appropriate to make fun of.

Fuck you for thinking you have the agency to spread such hate under the guise of a joke because you’re a gay male and a drag queen.

Fuck you for making it ok for your viewers to repeat the hateful things you say.

Fuck you for perpetuating transmisogyny in gay communities.

Fuck you for validating gay men across the country who think it’s cool to throw around the word tr***y as an insult to one’s appearance.

Fuck you for making anyone who’s ever invalidated a trans woman feel comfortable in that decision.

Fuck you for encouraging your cast and viewers to make hookers the punch line in many a joke.

Fuck you for only ever talking about sex workers in a negative light.

Fuck you for not trying to educate your viewers as to where drag came from, and paying homage to the hookers and trans women who paved the way in the ball community.

Fuck you for pandering to straight people and giving them license to use queer language.

Fuck you for having Dan Savage on your show and displaying him as a beacon of the gay community when he’s even a worse spokesperson for queers than you.

But basically, fuck you for being one of the most visible gay icons and acting as such a shitty representative for us and using your fame to perpetuate stereotypes that get people bullied and killed on a regular basis..

Fifteen Minutes To Fame: feminist women's health center's response to my email* »




I wrote them a few days ago. Here’s the response I just got.

First of all, I would like to personally thank you for your suggestions and thoughts on the Trans Health Initiative Program here at the Feminist Health Center. As…

^Transmisogyny strikes again at your local “women’s” health center!!!

More on Chicago Women’s Health here:

Sign the petition here:

There have been NO updates at CWHC after their “focus groups” in mid-May. We await a clear and definitive move toward owning their transmisogyny and giving us hormone, prostate examination, fertility options, and educational services. We need this yesterday.

I stand in solidarity with my sisters everywhere to oppose gender essentialism, discrimination, and transmisogynistic healthcare.

First Meeting Notes | No More Apologies Chicago »

June 11, 2012


- Inclusivity and intersectionality
- Time and date of event
- Fundraising from organizations and parties
- Ideas for a conference agenda

We talked about how the label “queer” can be problematic for some trans women, particularly those who feel that’s a derogatory word. We still are keeping “queer,” but also including lesbian and bisexual to the list of orientations we want to include.

We discussed how we didn’t want to replicate other trans or LGBT conferences where white people will tell everyone how everyone should feel, frame things, etc. There is a need for diverse and intentional leadership and facilitation during the conference.

We talked about a rough sketch of the conference agenda. We want to put equal emphasis on racism and exclusion of trans female folk in lesbian, bisexual and queer spaces. We talked about the challenges of that.

We talked about holding fundraising events throughout the city – not just on the northside or northwest. We bounced around ideas of what kind of events would be empowering for trans female folk and trans women to come out to.

Mentioned the problems of “trans women” and trans feminine / trans female genderqueer people. We want a space that is inclusive of all different non-conforming identities within the coercively male-assigned at birth spectrum.

We talked about issues of intellectualism, class, and framing things. We want to talk about themes in an accessible way that is not looking down on anyone, and is also respectful.

We put making a time and space for the event as priority number one. We want to make it locationally accessible and to hopefully not pay for any reservation costs. We are looking at mid-October.

We talked about a first round of organizations to reach out to for sponsorship, solidarity, and to listen to!

We will have our next meeting in about two weeks (after Pride) and send out a Doodle to make sure the most people possible can meet in person. We hope to have a kick-off event during the first two weeks of July.

Curiouser Jane: TW: When someone who says "Die Cis Scum"... »


while standing in front of a cis person menacingly holding a tow-chain, while dehumanizing and objectifying them by referring to them as an “it,”—as what happened to me two years ago, except, in that case the threat of death was mere status quo—then sure, I’ll agree that “Die Cis Scum” is a legitimate “death threat” and no longer within the range of metaphorical expressions for self-preservation.

The reality is, any suggestion that someone else should die walks a thin line between a metaphorical expression for self-preservation and a instance of coercion. Which is why I personally think the whole “Die Cis Scum” concept is too problematic to actively use myself. But don’t be confused, I rarely—if ever—see the “Die Cis Scum” thing rise above simple self-preservation.

Those who are so offended by the “Die Cis Scum” thing should take a moment and think about how “we”—the trans “community”—are sitting in some pretty dark, emotional shadows. With the horrifying increase of our sisters being murderedrappers unbiasedly taking pictures of us with dehuminizing, 140-character commentsthe constant acquittal of those who kill usthe lack of consequence for those who ADMIT to molesting our bodies ; and let us not forget the sentiment—handed down to all of us from the judge who presided over Cece’s case—that “we” shouldn’t even be allowed to protect ourselves against (legitimate) death threats and physical altercations and attacks.

What you miss, dear cis people, “Die Cis Scum” comes from the frustration, the soul crushing realization that “we” can’t even protect our bodies against broken glasses and those neo-nazi boys who chase us down the streets. If you want to be a “Ally” you have to understand that its not a personal attack, but a grasping attempt at insulating our self worth and esteem.

omg. so many snaps. so well-written. thank you.

Thinking about No More Apologies Chicago

Things I want to see…

Principle subjects of the event:

1. the exclusion of lesbian, bisexual and queer trans women / transfeminine folks from LBQ cisgender spaces. the desirability of some trans folks over others. addressing misogyny and transmisogyny in our desires and community.

2. the intersection of racism and transmisogyny. the exclusion of trans women of color within white LBQ spaces. the need for social justice, allyship and solidarity.

3. developing new spaces, networks, and envisioning integrated and autonomous communities to address these and come out with something other than “oh we met and it was good but now it’s over.”

Leading up to the event:

- a wide variety of fundraising events that put trans women / transfeminine folk at the center. spoken word and art. i personally have this wonderful fantasy of a bunch of trans ladies / transfem folks doing drag king performances.

- locationally diverse - southside, pilsen, northside, logan, westside?

The agenda

travel stipends / carpool within the city

a) keynote speaker

b) trans-centric sex ed

free lunch

c) trans and cis women caucus separately

d) trans women of color, white trans women, cis women of color, white cis women caucus separately

d) ppl come back and address issues

…just getting my ideas out in the open. stay tuned to

cwhc starts transfem focus groups | trans grrrl riot »

things have been going up and down.

i just got back from toronto where i attended the 2012 feminist porn awards. needless to say it was a fantastic experience and i’m super motivated to get more involved in ways of promoting feminist, queer, and trans-positive porn as a subversive activism. more on that later.

so the chicago women’s health center is putting together focus groups for transfeminine individuals. i’d encourage folks to get involved, even if you’re happy with services you already get or if you’re not interested in switching to to CWHC. our community needs more people to provide input, even if you’re frustrated or angry or just want to show up to be a part of the process. the call-in and appointment info is on the facebook event linked above.

i guess for me i’m happy about the movement. i’m sad this had to even occur – that unequal services were pitted against trans people of male/masculine and female/feminine shades.

that’s been the first reaction and the strongest – from trans men, some who i’ve known and some not, who i thought were my allies, telling me to quiet down, or that i’m just a shit-talker, or that CWHC has their heart in the right place so i have no reason to get angry.

i even read this little ditty on “call out culture.”

let’s fucking talk about call out culture.

there’s a difference when you’re using it as a tool, and an oppressed and marginalized person. there’s a difference between someone going off on your for misgendering you or using the wrong pronoun for the first time and institutionalized oppression. there’s a difference between talking about how transmisogynist this policy was to trans men and then have them flagrantly promote an institution as “trans inclusive” as it washes away the face of trans women at the same time – as it covers up the historical institutionalized schism between female assigned at birth people and transfeminine folks. no ego is to great to be called out for things that ought to be called out.

that said, and all in all, i am pleased with the movement. i am happy that things are on the move.

cwhc gives official apology | trans grrrl riot »

firstly, if you haven’t seen or signed the petition for real comprehensive trans healthcare at Chicago Women’s Health Center, please do so here

i’m happy to announce that yesterday the Trans Greater Access Program at CWHC made an official apology. read it here

i, for one, am 90% satisfied with the statement. TGAP did a good job in pointing out how their language and framing of services to trans people is misleading, how they are aware of the feminist health movement shunning trans women, and how their decision affected many and hurt many. they were just shy of being completely direct, just shy of saying “yes we should’ve made trans women part of our services we when started TGAP,” and just shy of stating that this was an example of transmisogyny.

seeing how difficult it is for non-profit institutions to even budge or take ownership of mistakes, i’d say this is pretty darn good and indicates how strong the push-back against transmisogyny has been the past few days since the petition started.

just to be clear. i’m happy to work with TGAP and CWHC, and i encourage other trans women / transfeminine folks to do so as well. i think it’ll take a while for me to really be comfortable and happy with them as an institution. i would really really like to see some trans women on the board or employed. currently i know of not a single transfeminine person who’s employed. (and it’s 2012 - but whatever, right?)

anyway, keep up the pressure. i know the author of the petition will be writing more about this struggle soon.

let’s make women’s health really equal ALL women’s health!

xoxo lucinda