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"Marxism comprises many principles, but in the final analysis they can all be brought back to a single sentence: it is right to rebel against the reactionaries." - Mao Zedong

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First Meeting Notes | No More Apologies Chicago »

June 11, 2012


- Inclusivity and intersectionality
- Time and date of event
- Fundraising from organizations and parties
- Ideas for a conference agenda

We talked about how the label “queer” can be problematic for some trans women, particularly those who feel that’s a derogatory word. We still are keeping “queer,” but also including lesbian and bisexual to the list of orientations we want to include.

We discussed how we didn’t want to replicate other trans or LGBT conferences where white people will tell everyone how everyone should feel, frame things, etc. There is a need for diverse and intentional leadership and facilitation during the conference.

We talked about a rough sketch of the conference agenda. We want to put equal emphasis on racism and exclusion of trans female folk in lesbian, bisexual and queer spaces. We talked about the challenges of that.

We talked about holding fundraising events throughout the city – not just on the northside or northwest. We bounced around ideas of what kind of events would be empowering for trans female folk and trans women to come out to.

Mentioned the problems of “trans women” and trans feminine / trans female genderqueer people. We want a space that is inclusive of all different non-conforming identities within the coercively male-assigned at birth spectrum.

We talked about issues of intellectualism, class, and framing things. We want to talk about themes in an accessible way that is not looking down on anyone, and is also respectful.

We put making a time and space for the event as priority number one. We want to make it locationally accessible and to hopefully not pay for any reservation costs. We are looking at mid-October.

We talked about a first round of organizations to reach out to for sponsorship, solidarity, and to listen to!

We will have our next meeting in about two weeks (after Pride) and send out a Doodle to make sure the most people possible can meet in person. We hope to have a kick-off event during the first two weeks of July.