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"Marxism comprises many principles, but in the final analysis they can all be brought back to a single sentence: it is right to rebel against the reactionaries." - Mao Zedong

A space for resistance and insurrection. I post rants, ravings, artwork, and propaganda from a radical queer trans dyke perspective.


link tw: transphobia
there is currently a media campaign in chicago that shows young men supposedly with pregnant bellies with “Unexpected?” super-imposed on placards inside buses. 
it is by the chicago dept. of public health. if people want to let them know how you feel, please go ahead.

link tw: transphobia

there is currently a media campaign in chicago that shows young men supposedly with pregnant bellies with “Unexpected?” super-imposed on placards inside buses. 

it is by the chicago dept. of public health. if people want to let them know how you feel, please go ahead.

Map 1: Correlation between poverty and homicide rates in Chicago.

Map 2: Racial / ethnic self-identification based on US Census data.

$460/mo Need LGBT friendly roommate for Cozy, Colorful Apt by Dec 1! (Andersonville) - Chicago »



I need to find a new roommate! My place is a 2 bedroom with 1 restroom, kitchen, living room, plus pantry. Smoke free. There is a big outside lawn for the whole apt. to use - great for dogs to run around in and to lounge during warmer weather. Dollar laundry and some storage room downstairs. I have several pieces of furniture - but I’m not particularly attached to them either.

About me: I’m a 25 yr. old transgender woman, seeking out an LGBT friendly roommate. I’m a social worker. Always on time with rent and try to keep the living space as tidy as possible. I’m really into open communication and am flexible around a lot of issues.

Location: Two blocks away from Jewel and Walgreens, three blocks away from Clark St., near Joie de Vine, Pauline’s, Hamburger Mary’s, etc. A nice stroll down to anywhere on Clark. 12 min. walk to the Red Line. Close to Clark and Damen bus stops.

I do not have any pets. Dogs are great! I’m allergic to cats - but if they’re hairless, I’d love them :)

Serious inquiries only. No drama, please. Thank you!!!

I’ve been wanting to call out shit…

So here it goes - given anonymously.

Fuck this white trans guy for being a misogynist. He fucks with girls and dumps them. He claims the struggles of trans women of color (during pride) and has BBQ’s with all his white friends in a neighborhood that’s being gentrified. 

Fuck this white queer cis woman for using the word tranny (to call other trans men!) like we won’t fucking know. Fuck her for stealing others work and weaseling her way into everyone liking her.

Fuck this “feminist” institution for providing testosterone, pap smears, and artificial insemination options to transmasculine folks and not a damn thing except counseling to transfeminine folks.

Fuck the white queers who appropriate black queer culture, in predominantly white queer spaces. 

Fuck that cis girl who was whining that “a man” (me) went into the girls bathroom during a queer dance party.

Fuck this transfeminine spectrum person who has hella hella fucking cis male privilege for painting scars underneath their chest, for a performance piece, acting like a trans man who had top surgery.

Fuck all the trans guys and transmasculine folks who think tranny is their word.

Fuck the cis gay boys who “don’t understand why the trannies are so angry all the time.”

Fuck the “queer” and lesbian cis girls who aren’t attracted to trans women because of their deep inner hatred of transfemininity. 

Fuck the queers who fetishize our transfemininty at night but openly mock it during the day.

Fuck cis people dispensing our hormones to us and psychologically evaluating us.

Fuck the elder trans women who police young trans women’s gender expressions.

Fuck “queer” cis women hegemony over the “queer” community.

Fuck transmasculine folks who think they’re entitled to women’s spaces. (Reality check: a lot of y’all have dude privilege.)

Fuck institutional and internal transmisogyny for making young trans women hate one another.

Fuck everyone who makes me feel unsafe and afraid, especially men.

18,000 Chicago teachers and supporters rally on Labor Day | Fight Back! »

Chicago, IL – In the largest labor rally here in at least 30 years, tens of thousands of teachers, parents and community and trade union supporters rallied on Labor Day in preparation for a strike by the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), if Chicago Public School (CPS) doesn’t meet their demands.

CTU has been in contract negotiations with the school board since November 2011. Teachers have been without a contract since June of this year after the five-year agreement with the district expired without a new one in place. Issues included the lengthening of the school day, testing and class sizes. Then the school board rescinded the 4% raise scheduled for June 30 in the CTU contract.

“CPS seems determined to have a toxic relationship with its employees,” Karen Lewis, CTU president, said. “They denied us our 4% raises when there was money in the budget to honor our agreement; they attempted to ram a poorly thought out longer school day down our throats; and, on top of that they want us to teach a new curriculum and be ready to be evaluated based on how well our students do on a standardized test. It has been insult after insult after insult. Enough is enough.”

At the Labor Day rally, Lewis also called Mayor Rahm Emanuel “a liar and a bully” in her remarks, and said, “The only way to beat a bully is to stand up to a bully.” CTU is going forward with their plans to strike on Monday, Sept. 10. This will be the first teachers strike since 1987.

The entire trade union movement is behind the Chicago teachers in their struggle for better schools, smaller classes and better pay. Also, many parents are joining Parents For Teachers, because they know that it is the teachers who have the interest of the children at heart, not Rahm Emanuel and the class of bankers he represents.

According to Sarah Chambers, a member of the union bargaining committee, “Parents are frustrated by the mayor and his decisions, like the increase in class sizes.” Chambers said further, “The children of the school board and the mayor attend private schools. Parents realize that the teachers, not the school board, are for the students.”

Fifteen Minutes To Fame: feminist women's health center's response to my email* »




I wrote them a few days ago. Here’s the response I just got.

First of all, I would like to personally thank you for your suggestions and thoughts on the Trans Health Initiative Program here at the Feminist Health Center. As…

^Transmisogyny strikes again at your local “women’s” health center!!!

More on Chicago Women’s Health here:

Sign the petition here:

There have been NO updates at CWHC after their “focus groups” in mid-May. We await a clear and definitive move toward owning their transmisogyny and giving us hormone, prostate examination, fertility options, and educational services. We need this yesterday.

I stand in solidarity with my sisters everywhere to oppose gender essentialism, discrimination, and transmisogynistic healthcare.

First Meeting Notes | No More Apologies Chicago »

June 11, 2012


- Inclusivity and intersectionality
- Time and date of event
- Fundraising from organizations and parties
- Ideas for a conference agenda

We talked about how the label “queer” can be problematic for some trans women, particularly those who feel that’s a derogatory word. We still are keeping “queer,” but also including lesbian and bisexual to the list of orientations we want to include.

We discussed how we didn’t want to replicate other trans or LGBT conferences where white people will tell everyone how everyone should feel, frame things, etc. There is a need for diverse and intentional leadership and facilitation during the conference.

We talked about a rough sketch of the conference agenda. We want to put equal emphasis on racism and exclusion of trans female folk in lesbian, bisexual and queer spaces. We talked about the challenges of that.

We talked about holding fundraising events throughout the city – not just on the northside or northwest. We bounced around ideas of what kind of events would be empowering for trans female folk and trans women to come out to.

Mentioned the problems of “trans women” and trans feminine / trans female genderqueer people. We want a space that is inclusive of all different non-conforming identities within the coercively male-assigned at birth spectrum.

We talked about issues of intellectualism, class, and framing things. We want to talk about themes in an accessible way that is not looking down on anyone, and is also respectful.

We put making a time and space for the event as priority number one. We want to make it locationally accessible and to hopefully not pay for any reservation costs. We are looking at mid-October.

We talked about a first round of organizations to reach out to for sponsorship, solidarity, and to listen to!

We will have our next meeting in about two weeks (after Pride) and send out a Doodle to make sure the most people possible can meet in person. We hope to have a kick-off event during the first two weeks of July.